Bike Thefts On The Rise In Lakewood


The Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch (LCSW) is receiving reports of significant numbers of bikes stolen in the Lakewood over the last few days. This wave of robberies may be due to the warm weather, long hours of daylight or the closing of the school year.

LCSW would like to remind the public that there are simple ways to keep bikes safe. This would include securing bikes with bike locks, preferably a U lock and keeping bicycles out of the public eyes (i.e. not on front lawns or open areas). Remember: bike thieves seek easy booty and leaving bikes in an unsafe location invites unwanted guests to the property and area.

Taking the time to register your bike with the local police department is important and will assist in the recovery of a stolen bike.

Looking at the greater picture, LCSW would like to ask the public to keep their eyes open and notice suspicious activity or vehicles that may be around. Please report anything strange or out of the ordinary right away with as much information as possible (i.e. type and color of vehicle and plate number, direction of travel, last known location, clothing description etc.). Your tip may save yourself and others from losing their possessions and keep criminal elements away.



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