Bill On Hillary: “I Think She’ll Live to Be 120″ January 23, 2013  1:39 pm

bill-clintonThe Benghazi session today on Captiol Hill came one day before Kerry’s Senate hearing to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Clinton, who lost the Democratic nomination to Obama in 2008, had always said she would serve only one term in his Cabinet.

She has brushed aside questions about her political future, saying she looks forward only to rest and reflection.

Bill Clinton, however, didn’t rule out another presidential run for his wife, if she “thinks this is the right thing for her and for America and for the world.”

“If she does, she should do it, and if she doesn’t, she shouldn’t,” he said at a conference of his Clinton Foundation this month.

Her health would not be an obstacle, the former president said.

“I tell her that, you know, she’s still got time to have three more husbands after me,” he said. “I think she’ll live to be 120.”

{Andy Newscenter}

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