Bin Laden SEAL: Lawyers Ruined Me


matt-bissonnetteMatt Bissonnette, the former Navy SEAL who wrote a book describing the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 is suing his former lawyers for malpractice.

Bissonnette says that the lawyers gave him bad advice which led to him getting his security clearance revoked, having to give up a significant portion of the book’s income to the government, and left him with a battered reputation.

Bissonnette filed the lawsuit under the pseudonym he published the book with, “Mark Owen.” After he published his book No Easy Day in 2012, the Pentagon launched an inquiry that became a criminal probe by the Department of Justice.

Bissonnette claims he will lose $8 million because of the attorneys. Named as defendants were attorney Kevin Podlaski and the Carson Boxberger LLC firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Read more at CBS News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “Bissonnette said he acted on the advice of his former lawyers when he did not let the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies perform a pre-publication review of his book and when he relied on their advice that they had reviewed the book and removed all classified and sensitive information.”

    I have no sympathy, and I doubt very many others who have worked with national security information will, either. There are proper procedures for vetting publications based on your classified work and we are responsible for knowing them. He would know this based on the training he got to get his security clearance. I’m sorry he has suffered, but the suffering is from his own bad decisions.

  2. This bum should be brought up on murder charges! Even Bin Laden was allowed to have his day in court. The American Government led by Obama, Clinton, & Holder should be charged with war crimes!

  3. Really didn’t Biden let it out of the bag before obamas election. Didn’t Obama use it in the election. And didn’t he give all this info to democratic supports thT produced a movie on this.
    Sorry he was outed by the president two yeasts ago

  4. There are better people than this guy, who served and continue to serve their county in silence doing braver things than triple-tapping a rat.

    Many made the ultimate sacrifice, without ever bragging about their work. There are 111 stars on the CIA memorial wall, but 21 of them do not have names in the memorial book.


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