Blatant Bias: BBC Headline Fails To Mention The Incessant Rocket Fire On Israel



  1. Netanyahu & the Russian drunk, Avigdor Lieberman, are beholden to the BBC. Whatever the BBC commands them to do, they do. It’s the exact same thing with Floppy Ears, Jeff Sessions. He is beholden to his boss, Adam Schiff. He doesn’t breath or make a move without consulting with him first.

  2. No news, this is all connected to the Torah and prophecies, we see how Ishmael was Meshadech with Eisov all the way back, now we see how the muslims and the West(eisov) help each other out, this never happened before, the West(eisov) and the muslims were never good buddies like they are now , as a matter of fact they were always enemies, However take a look at the new europe, muslims get refugee status, get all the government benefits possible, they let more and more of them into europe, any muslim antisemitic crime that happens there is covered up by the authorities or not clasified as antisemitic or not severely punish, recently a palestinian refugee in an european country beat a jewish man attacking him viciously and the authorities there did not consider it as hate crime. In the chevelai moshiach these two Sonim are going to team up against Yaakov, these are the signs that moshiach is comimg very soon.


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