Bloomberg: $500K To Same Gender Marriage Campaigns


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg is poised to spend $500,000 of his personal fortune on same gender marriage campaigns in Maine, Minnesota and Washington state, he said Monday, following up on a major political spending push the billionaire businessman-turned-politician announced last week.

‘‘Marriage equality is the next big step in America’s long march of freedom,” Bloomberg said in a statement Monday.

Read more at BOSTON.COM.

{ Newscenter}


  1. What a warped idea of freedom, Mike – people can be free to change the definition of marriage and engage in behavior that has been proven to cause disease and it’s no one’s business. But G-d forbid they should choose which size soft drink they wish to buy.

  2. Soon we will see a civil war in this country between the toeivaniks and Moslems. In one hand Obama is supporting both groups to gain presidential vote and in other hand this idiot is supporting toeivaniks . Soon they are going to finish each other off.
    It is law to kill toeivaniks in Islam. I like to see Obama supporting democracy and toeivaniks rights in Iran.

  3. And Lord Mike is not concerned about the health risks involved with such unions??? He only want’s to attack Bris Mila?! Too bad a candidate running for State Senate in the “Super Jewish” distric, sponsored & voted for the overturn of “Term Limits” allowing this Rasha to stay in power!

  4. When this bum kicks the bucket, he will do so without giving a penny to Tzedaka! What a waste of human life! It’s no wonder he is not married. Kind of like Ed Koch!


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