Bloomberg Backs Tax On Sugary Soft Drinks


bloombergNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the state could raise nearly $1 billion a year by taxing sugary soft drinks. Bloomberg said New York’s state Legislature should adopt a penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened soda. The mayor argued that the 12 cents per can could raise much-needed money for schools and health care, as well as promote good health by discouraging people from buying soft drinks that are loaded with sugar.Bloomberg spoke this morning in his weekly radio address.

Gov. David Paterson first proposed a soda tax in 2008, but polls have found that a majority of New Yorkers oppose the idea.

Back in February, Coca-Cola workers in Syracuse planned to rally against Paterson’s proposed sugar tax.

The beverage industry and a coalition called New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes said proposed tax hikes on fruit drinks and soda could cost the state 6,000 jobs.

{CBS/Noam Newscenter}



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