Bloomberg Calls NRA Ad ‘Dumb PR’


bloombergNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a new NRA Web video that labels President Barack Obama an “elitist hypocrite” is “dumb PR.”

In an appearance Thursday on “CBS This Morning,” the mayor said: “You have to be stupid to do that.”

The video’s narrator asks why Obama is skeptical of putting armed security in schools when his daughters are protected by armed guards in their own school. The White House has called the NRA ad “repugnant and cowardly.”

Read more at THE NY POST.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I view his highness, Lord Mike Bl$$mberg, as todays modern day Pharoh! New harsh Gizairos are coming every day! The nation is suffering under his rulership! The people are davening for his quick demise! The Maakos have already started – with hurricane Sandy! The end is not looking good for his highness! May this wicked person together with all the “yes men” who are “protecting” him, have a quick maapalah!

  2. If its so dumb then why are the liberals attacking it
    Because our gums they want but both criminals and the privileged will have them

  3. The fact that both Bloomberg and Obama are elitist hypocrites is exactly the point. Did anybody notice that all the politicians that want to grab citizens guns or restrict our right to own them are now protected by armed guards (police, secret service, private guards)? Most of them will have this protection for life. No wonder they care so little for the average citizen who is on his or her own.


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