Bloomberg Campaigns With Greenfield in Boro Park


greenfield-bloombergNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined New York City Council candidate and education advocate David G. Greenfield in Brooklyn on Thursday evening to meet voters at Congregation Anshe Sfard in Boro Park. With a capacity crowd of Greenfield supporters on hand, and an overflow crowd that spilled out into the street, the Mayor and Greenfield worked their way through the throngs of supporters as they entered the building to thunderous applause. Hundreds of supporters came out to see Mayor Bloomberg discuss his support of Greenfield, interrupting the speeches at times with applause and chants of Greenfield’s name.

“I’ve always been impressed with David’s intelligence, his tenacity, and his ability to get results,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “One of the best examples is the work David did with our administration to make federal school funds more flexible, so that our yeshivas could really benefit from this important resource. David represents the new wave of leadership that Brooklyn needs. He’s already accomplished so much as a community leader. As a councilman, he’ll be able to do even more.”

Greenfield discussed his successful education advocacy efforts at TEACH NYS, where he worked together with a coalition of Jewish, Catholic and Independent school communities to secure a $330 tax credit per student for parents of school age children, and he spoke about his partnership with the Mayor, which led to free tutoring for thousands of yeshiva students by accessing federal Title I funds. In addition, Greenfield announced that he has been working with Mayor’s office to explore the possible implementation of an alternative transportation plan that would give free door-to-door transportation for yeshiva students.

“The reason we have been successful in the past, and the reason why Mayor Bloomberg has been successful, is that we work together with the community,” said Greenfield. “Mayor Bloomberg is an innovative and honest leader, and, like me, he works for the betterment of the community, not the special interests.”

Mayor Bloomberg, recently re-elected by city voters, received approximately 75% of the general election vote in the 44th Council District. Greenfield’s relationship with Mayor Bloomberg will allow him to be an effective advocate on day one, and enable him to make sure that the community’s needs are met.

The Mayor and Greenfield were also joined by Councilman Domenic M. Recchia, Jr., Chair of the Finance Committee and a strong supporter of Greenfield’s candidacy for City Council.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I was a supporter of David but when I found out that Bloomberg is supporting him I went to Lazar. Why is no one talking about that Greenfeld campaign kicked off Judge from the ballot with is false lawsuit. VOTE LAZAR TUESDAY


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