Bloomberg: Keep 2 NY Subway Push Deaths In Perspective


bloombergFor New York City, it wasn’t an unusual sight: a possibly mentally ill woman pacing and mumbling to herself on an elevated subway station platform.

The woman eventually took a seat on a bench Thursday night, witnesses later said. Then, without any warning or provocation, she sprang up and used both hands to shove a man into the path of an oncoming train.

As police sought on Friday to locate the unidentified woman, Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged residents to keep the second fatal subway shove in the city this month in perspective. The news of the horrific death of 46-year-old Sunando Sen, who was from India and lived in Queens, came as the mayor touted drops in the city’s annual homicide and shooting totals.

“It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg told reporters following a police academy graduation.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. What a hypocryte phonie! Why are gun murders any different? This illegitimate Mayor has an agenda & won’t let the facts get in the way! Uch! How many more days till we rid ourselves of this nuisance?

  2. Mr. Bloomberg, what’s about keeping the shooting incident in perspective? When it comes to you controlling people, you’re all for it. Simple saftey, you’re against it.

  3. Everyone, relax, calm down. OK, a couple of people were pushed to their grisly deaths, crushed by train wheels, but, hey, let’s keep things in perspective, OK? Let’s focus on the really dangerous things in life…. 20 oz. sodas….metzitza bpeh….


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