Bloomberg Pushes for White Roofs, But Has Yet To Paint His Own


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to raise awareness about how white rooftops can make buildings cooler and more efficient, but the city hasn’t painted hundreds of its own buildings. Bloomberg said coating a white roof with reflective white paint can reduce roof temperature by as much as 60 degress and by 10 to 20 degrees inside.

But meanwhile, the city hasn’t painted 1 million square feet of roof space on municipal buildings like homeless shelters, police precincts, fire stations and sanitation garages.

The city has identified buildings that could benefit from the simple makeover, but nothing has been done yet.

Officials say they are waiting for results from a pilot program in Queens to understand the best ways to make white rooftops work in New York City.

{NewYorkNow/ Newscenter}


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