Bloomberg Touts NYC Sugary Drink Ban Set To Take Effect Tuesday


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks takes effect on Tuesday, limiting stores and restaurants from selling high-calorie beverages larger than 16 ounces.

Some restaurants are ordering smaller glasses. Dunkin’ Donuts shops are telling customers they’ll have to sweeten and flavor their own coffee. Coca-Cola has printed posters explaining the new rules, and a bowling lounge is squeezing carrot and beet juice as a potential substitute for pitchers of soda at family parties – all in preparation for the nation’s first limit on the size of sugar-laden beverages.

Some New York City businesses are holding off, hoping a court challenge nixes or at least delays the restriction. But many are getting ready for tasks including reprinting menus and changing movie theaters’ supersized soda-and-popcorn deals.

Starbucks announced it plans to continue offering its 20 ounce venti-sized drinks in New York City because of the milk content in its drinks. The coffee giant also noted that customers add their own sugar.

“That’s ridiculous,” Mayor Bloomberg said on CBS News’ “Face The Nation.” “Starbucks knows how to market things, knows how to package things. They can change instantly when it’s in their interest to do so.”

Bloomberg said it is in the country’s interest to do something about empty calories and high sugar intake, which can lead to a host of health problems.

“This year for the first time in the history of the world more people will die from too much food than from too little food,” the mayor told CBS News’ Bob Schieffer. “We’ve just go to do something.”

The mayor noted those craving larger sweet drinks can opt to purchase two 16-ounce bottles of soda.

“It’s totally your choice, we’re not banning anything. It’s called portion control,” said Bloomberg on “Face The Nation.”

Source: 1010 WINS NEW YORK

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