Bloomberg: Trump Will Win Reelection Because ‘The Democratic Party Is Going To Be Torn Apart’


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg  says President Trump is likely to win reelection in 2020 because Democrats will be hamstrung by the deep fissures between the liberal and moderate wings of the party.

Speaking Tuesday night before Republican Karen Handel claimed victory over Democrat John Ossoff in a special House election in Georgia, Bloomberg stood by his previous statement that Trump has a “55 percent” chance of winning reelection.

“The incumbent always has an advantage,” Bloomberg told CNN.

“And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists,” he continued. “Now, the Republican Party is also being torn apart between the centralists and the hard right, but they’ve rented a candidate. The candidate has rented a party, and they will probably without much fuss get behind Donald Trump, I would assume, assuming he runs for reelection.”

Republicans have now won all four special House elections held this year, although these are not always a harbinger of things to come. Democrats are hopeful 2018 will be kinder to them, as the party in power typically loses seats in midterm elections. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Trump will, with G-d’s help, win reelection in 2020.
    First of all, because he’s a mentsch and everything he does he means for the good of the American people unlike our previous presidents in the last 28 years who were selfish and incompetent.
    Secondly, because he already has over 50% approval rating including Democrats.
    Thirdly, the Dems are a minority and there’s no way they can win without fraud as has been proven by Obama who won both times by fraud and Hillary who didn’t have enough fraud. Hopefully Trump will fix the rigged machines and get rid of the 10 million illegal voters who voted Democrats.
    Fourthly, in 2020 even the Democrats will realize that Trump is a good president and there’s no reason to change and even they will beg him to continue for another 8 years at least.

  2. Guess what? The democrats are already blaming Ossoff’s loss in Georgia on Russian’s hacking and interfering. These continuous losers will soon have Robert Mueller take up this new case.

  3. ‘ not always a harbinger of things to come.’
    This incredible string is not going to last.Guarantee it

    Will the Republicans
    use to restore Family and Country
    or squander it??


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