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The concept of Yarchei Kallah originated during the times of the Gemara as a genuine Torah institution, and was considered an important contribution to maintaining the level of Torah knowledge throughout the Diaspora.  Its sole purpose was to give former students the opportunity to return to the Batei Medrash in order to deepen and strengthen their knowledge of Torah.  Beth Medrash Govoha has for the past five years created the same opportunity for the myriads of Baalei Batim who relish the thought of spending time absorbed in intense, uninterrupted Torah learning.  

With this goal in mind, the Shivti program –a project of Beth Medrash Govoha – has redefined the common notion of a Yarchei Kallah. Less than two weeks ago, on Thanksgiving, a day when many businesses are closed- Shivti partnered with Yeshiva Gedola Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury and organized a day of learning at the yeshiva in Waterbury.

Although the Waterbury Yeshiva regularly hosts a highly popular daily Shivti learning program, this “day-off” reached out to the greater Waterbury community offering non-members a special opportunity to prepare for Chanuka through learning one of our highly riveting Shivti Chanuka sugyos with their Rebbeim and chaverim. Indeed, the program was met with tremendous success as shown by the number of attendees and the highly charged atmosphere.

While Shivti regularly organizes similar local community events throughout the year, the undisputed highlight of the Shivti program is the annual Shivti Winter Yarchei Kallah. This year’s learning program will zero in on the highly important and relevant sugya of Lifnei Iver- Modern–Day Stumbling Blocks.  The sugya is vast and thought-provoking, and the shiurim will be delivered by world-renowned experts in this field. Adding to the excitement this year is the news that Rav Asher Weiss from Eretz Yisrael will be joining for the entire two-day program

Those who have experienced the charged atmosphere of Shivti Yarchei Kallahs in the past are eagerly awaiting their annual recharge.  There is also much interest and excitement displayed by many Shivti chaburos across the globe to join and meet each other at the Yarchei Kallah.  Past years attendees included some father and son/son-in-law pairs who chose to use this time to bond with each other as they learn. In addition, we had the zechus of hosting numerous Rabbonim who joined their congregants for an invigorating two days of intense Torah study and camaraderie thus strengthening their unique bond at so many levels.


This year’s Yarchei Kallah will take place from Motzei Shabbos, January 6th to Monday, January 8th in the beautiful Hyatt Regency of Princeton, NJ. The entire hotel is reserved to better serve the participants. The serene environment which is conveniently located, yet set apart from the bustle of everyday living, creates a calm oasis to allow participants to disengage from their everyday worries and focus completely on utilizing every minute for learning. Shivti will be providing the participants with all their material needs via comfortable lodgings and catered meals ensuring that the participants can completely immerse themselves in their learning without worrying about any of their mundane needs. 

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