Bnei Brak to Take On Electric Bike Menace


Electric bikes are a menace in Israeli towns, particularly when kids ride them and even worse when they encroach on sidewalks.

At a meeting of Bnei Brak’s Road Safety Committee, Deputy Mayor Avrohom Rubenstein pointed out that appointing more inspectors to enforce the law would cost money.

“But I have a practical solution that won’t cost a thing,” he said. “To empty the air from the tires of people who ride bikes on sidewalks, obviously after checking whether this is legal.”

“Kids ride on regular and electric bikes with no regard for traffic regulations,” Councilman Yitzchok Rozengarten complained. “They overtake wildly, they don’t stop, these things make drivers panic. The Ezer Mizion organization told me that half the kids hurt in road accidents are bike riders who flouted the law.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Do you Americans realize that road safety isn’t being taught in frum schools? For years, the excuse was that the curriculum included pictures (mainly drawings) of (שומו שמים) GIRLS, so no one, neither girls nor boys, learned. Maybe it had to do with the attitude of “since so many aspects of modern Israeli life and lifestyle are against the Torah, we’ll reject this too.” Whatever the case is, by now everyone understands just how vital this is, but we’re talking about a century of neglect and ignorance. Add that to the lack of qualified teachers, crucial lack of funding to pay for this “luxury,” apathy (“we all managed just fine without learning this”) and of course, ביטול תורה. Vicious cycle, toxic mix – and deadly results, רחמנא ליצלן. It has to start from the top, with Rabbonim insisting that everyone, not just children, learn, and money must be found for this. Good luck!


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