Bobby Jindal to Obama: Never Mind Trans Fats, Protect Us From ISIS


Louisiana Gov. Bobby JindalLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is announcing next week whether he intends to run for president, blasted the FDA decision this week to ban trans fats from food.

Appearing Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Jindal went right to the top, taking aim at President Barack Obama.

“Find me an enemy he can name,” Jindal said. “He won’t say radical Islamic terrorist. He goes to the Coast Guard, at this military graduation, warns them about climate change. Now he can agree he’s going to protect us from microwave popcorn and french fries.

“I’ve got a deal for the president,” Jindal said. “I’ll protect my kids from the Oreo cookies if he will do his job as commander in chief and protect us from the terrorists.”

Jindal admitted that the scientists are probably right and trans fats are unhealthful, but added that people should have a choice of what they want to eat.

“We could live forever if we ate nothing but kale,” he said. “If I want to eat pizza and nachos, that’s my choice. This is just more of the nanny state.”

It was the government, he added, that pushed trans fats for decades, claiming margarine, for instance, was better than butter.

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  1. Jindal needs to speak to his fellow Republicans, who control both houses of Congress. Obama requested an Authorization for Use of Military Force against Islamic State over four months ago. But as is typical, the Republicans have done nothing but whine.


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