Born Yesterday: UN Nuke Chief Says Iran “May Be” Continuing Work on Bomb


yukia-amano-iaeaInternational Atomic Energy Agency head Yukiya Amano expressed concern Tuesday that Iran may be secretly continuing work on nuclear weapons.

“We have information indicating that Iran was engaged in activities relevant to the development of nuclear explosive devices in the past and now,” he said. While not going into detail, Amano said the IAEA’s information was “cross checked…so we have concerns.” Amano also said there was “some possibility” that Iran may already be constructing additional sites to enrich uranium at locations unknown to the agency.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I repeat…The divinely mandated solution to the Iran/West nuclear imbroglio is for a reconvened NPT Conference to be held in Jerusalem ASAP.

    (Sometime in 2013 or early 2014 would be good. Time to organise etc. Better late than never as they say.) Nuclear energy is a boon for humankind, whilst nuclear weapons can and must be eradicated from the realm of human affairs. There is a realistic timeline for global nuclear disarmament by 2025. (Also consider how this plan would assist the Korean Peninsula. All communication is both a message and a command, nu ?) The juxtaposition of the City of Peace being the place where the breakthrough was made towards eliminating the ultimate weapon of war was made would surely meet with divine approval. (BTW, good luck to those sincerely interested in peacemaking in Almaty over the next five days.)

    P.S. Recently mathematicians in collaboration with Google scientists discovered that a Rubik’s Cube could always be solved in twenty moves no matter how diabolical the configuration if the right algorithm was in place. They called this “The G-d Algorithm”.


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