Boro Park Girl Recovering After 30-Foot Plunge into Ateres Chaya


ateres-chayaAn 8-year-old Boro Park girl fell through a skylight on a roof-top playground at the Bais Rochel Satmar Elementary Girls School yesterday, at approximately 3:30 p.m., but miraculously suffered only a broken arm and leg. Hatzolah took the girl to Lutheran Medical Center on 55th Street in Brooklyn to be treated.

The Bais Rochel Girls School building, at 54th Street and 14th Avenue, houses the well-known Ateres Chaya Wedding Hall in its lower lever. The skylight that fell through is used during weddings in the wedding hall, to ensure that the chupah is performed under the sky, as is the minhag. The rooftop where the girl was is used as a playdeck by the school. The skylight has a fence around it, but the girl had mounted the fence and climbed over it to retrieve a ball.

After the girl went crashing through the ceiling, plunging some 30 feet, fellow students looked on in horror, fearing the worst and not knowing what the status of their classmate was. When a teacher reported the news that the girl had miraculously survived, suffering some fractures and nothing more serious, feelings of relief and gratitude to Hakadosh Boruch were expressed by all.

The school is examining the rooftop and working to determine what to do to secure the skylight in the future.

 {NY Post/Noam Newscenter}


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