Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Overwhelmed By 40,000 Counter-Protesters


Counter-protesters overwhelmed a free speech rally in downtown Boston on Saturday afternoon that some feared would draw white supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstrators, risking a repeat of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, the weekend before.

Boston police estimated that more than 40,000 counter-protesters came to the park in the center of the city, many with signs, instruments, and megaphones. Police maintained a wide buffer zone between the rest of the park and the bandstand allotted to a few dozen rally attendees.

On Saturday, Trump gave his support to the police force involved in controlling the rally on Twitter, writing, “Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston. Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you.”

Trump also tweeted some remarks about the protesters, calling it a step in the process towards healing as a country.

“Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!” he tweeted, adding, “I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!” Read more at POLITICO.














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