Boys in Japan Jail Thankfully Unaffected by Earthquake and Tsunami

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japan-jailWith the massive earthquake in Japan, all of Klal Yisroel is wondering how it has affected our dear brothers in prison over there.  R’ Aron Nezri, and R’ Meilech Bindinger, the main askanim in the case, have been in constant contact to make sure everything is okay.

R’ Aron reports to “We have been, and continue to be in constant contact with those in Japan. The Chiba detention center has not been affected at all. Even if water does come off of the shores of Chiba, it will not hit the district, as it is high up on a hill. I have had someone go a number of times already to the prison to make sure the boys are ok and he will continue to go over the next few days to check on the boys as well.”

Rabbi Binyomin Edery, the local Chabad shliach, who often visits the boys, related, “Today we had a major earthquake, but thank G-d we are all fine. All the houses and buildings literally swung, trains are not operating, highways have been closed and phone lines down. There hasn’t been such a strong earthquake in the Tokyo area for at least 70 years. This is a very strong tsunami.” He added: “One of the signs of the geulah is that the earth will shake and get worn out like a garment. We hope and pray that G-d will continue to protect Japan and all the people that no harm will befall anybody.  Thank you to all those who called, emailed or prayed for us. May Hashem give you only good tidings.”

 {Noam Newscenter}


  1. Askanim , now might be the best time to get them out. Please request from the govt that till things are settled for the safety of the children let them go to israel. Japan is about to have the worst Nuclear damage in history. The reactors are leaking and we don’t need these boys exposed. To all israelis, GET OUT OF JAPAN NOW. Drop all ur businesses and leave NOW. Please I beg you before its too late

  2. B”H we are in the month of Adar and we know that it is a time of mazal for Bnei Yisrael. If everyone would take it on themselves (with a bli neder) to do something good and make a difference, whether it be big or small, we may be able to make use of this mazal and free both our brothers in jail in Japan and all of Am Yisrael with a complete Geulah.

  3. Chaz veshalom, not being a mazal that untold Japanese were killed! the general mazal of the Jews in the month of Adar should be taken advantage of!

  4. MY wifes uncle is in jail in Konan Yokohama japan . Can anyone inform me if Japan had any casualities this far south ?


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