BREAKING: Menachem Stark’s Murderer Found Guilty

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Kendel Felix has been found guilty at the Brooklyn State Supreme Court today for the brutal murder of Williamsburg real estate developer Reb Menachem Stark z”l.

Felix was found guilty of kidnapping and second-degree murder. He was acquitted of attempted robbery.

Felix, 29, faces 25 years of prison to life behind bars for each count in the January 2014 murder. Sentencing will take place on October 19.

Reb Menachem was 39 years old.

Prosecutor Howard Jackson, in his final remarks this past week, described how Felix, a carpenter who had once done work for Reb Menachem, and some of his cousins abducted him to shake him down for money. The primary evidence against him was a videotaped and written confession given during police interrogation after his arrest, parts of which were played during the trial.

Felix’s attorney, Jack Goldberg, had said that the confession was unreliable, adding that his client was not connected to much of evidence presented, stating that Felix is not seen in clips of the abduction, and that prosecutors could not identify the exact moment of the victim’s passing. The jury, of 10 women and 2 men, rejected these specious arguments and found the copious pieces of evidence demonstrating Felix’s culpability sufficient to issue their guilty verdict this afternoon.

May this verdict bring some nechamah to Reb Menachem’s kin and many friends, though the void left by his passing remains a gaping one for those to whom Reb Menachem meant so much.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Gavriel Newscenter}



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