Brian Williams Expected to Move to MSNBC


brian williamsNews anchor Brian Williams is expected to head to cable network MSNBC after his six-month suspension with NBC News ends in August, according to people familiar with the subject.

Williams will leave his post as anchor of NBC Nightly News to instead handle breaking news on MSNBC.

Williams was suspended after discrepancies and exaggerated in his reporting were revealed.

Lester Holt, a veteran anchor for NBC and MSNBC, will succeed Williams on “NBC Night News.” Holt will become the first solo African American anchor of a nightly broadcast network evening newscast. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Saddle him next to Rachel Maddow.

    They can talk about the blame of a circular society that has no mind for an oval office.

    Just an affair with the force of the nightly bell of laughing bleak need.

  2. I agree with DZ in TO Most Matzav readers I believe do not even know who Williams is the rest do not care B’H most of us do not watch NBC or MSNBC

  3. I agree fully with DZ in TO, most Matzav readers do not even watch NBC or MSNBC the rest do not care, Matzav is for persons who are Bnei Torah, not at all interested in this undiluted garbage.


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