Brooklyn: Assemblywoman Weinstein Expands Dumpster Program


helene-weinstein-pesachAssemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Assemblyman Alan Maisel and Councilman Lew Fidler have announced the expansion of the popular “Pesach Dumpster” program. Hoping to assist residents to rid their homes of chametz on Erev Pesach, the initiative was started some years ago by the Assemblywoman and the Department of Sanitation as a pilot program in Community Boards 15 and 18, and has gained much popularity with her constituents.

Now representing a large portion of the Marine Park Jewish community, the Assemblywoman reached out to her colleagues, Shea Rubenstein, Executive Director of the JCC of Marine Park, and area Rabbonim to help facilitate the inclusion of the community in the program.

Locations convenient to each community were handpicked during Assemblywoman Weinstein’s annual Pesach Collections meeting in her district office. This year, Assemblyman Alan Maisel attended the meeting with sanitation officials along with Mr, Rubenstein and individuals representing the kehilos of Rabbi Zvi Elemelech Rokeach, and Rabbi Eli Schulman, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam, and Rabbi Shimshon Sherer.

The on-street locations of the dumpsters, including the new Marine Park site, are as follows:

❖ James Madison High School – Southside of Quentin Road (between East 26th and East 27th)

❖ Rite Aid Pharmacy – 2577 Nostrand Avenue (between L & M)

❖ City Park Adjacent to Derech Hatorah – 2810 Nostrand Avenue (between Kings Hwy. & Avenue P)

❖ *NEW* Khal Bais Mordechai (Rabbi Rokeach) – 3302 Avenue P (on E. 33rd St.) *NEW*

The dumpsters are in addition to the special pickups in Community Boards 14, 15, and 18. They will be available starting early Friday, April 6th, and will be removed before 11 a.m. the same day. The Department of Sanitation asks that the dumpsters not be used for bulk items and to take care in depositing remnants of any burnings only after the fire is full extinguished with no embers remaining.

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  1. “They will be available starting early Friday, April 6th, and will be removed before 11 a.m. the same day”

    I hope this is a typo


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