Brooklyn Councilman Up In Arms Over Cost Of Refurbished Public Restroom


Brooklyn Councilman David Greenfield (D-44th) says it took him seven and a half years to get the city to rehabilitate the once dilapidated Gravesend Park, where he played as a kid.

But Greenfield is upset about the cost of the new bathrooms. The price tag for the 400 square feet of space was nearly $2 million, and there’s absolutely nothing unique about it.

“Because we’re so flush with funds in New York City, we’re also flushing some funds down the toilet,” he told CBS2.

There are no gold plated fixtures — only stainless steel.

“I’m frustrated that we are essentially wasting taxpayer money,” Greenfield said. “You can build a complete house in six months for one million dollars.”

At around $5,000 per square foot, it’s literally cheaper to buy the most expensive apartment in Trump Tower.

Greenfield puts the blame squarely on City Hall, with Mayor Bill de Blasio presiding. Read more at CBS.



  1. This is nothing new. The Parks Dept. is like an independent agency. When it undertakes any parks constructions, 30% of whatever the inflated costs of the project is added to the costs , and this goes directly to the parks department. That is if a project has a total cost of 1 million dollars, the parks department charges the City 1.3 million. And, of course this 1.3 mil is usually voted by the City Council to allocated to which ever Council person requests the funds as a capital project in his neighborhood. The question is, why is a City Agency entitled to make a 30% profit from the City of New York, which funds its annual regular budget? This is where the problem lies. Get rid of this system of profit making by the Agency.
    There are enough people and groups ripping off the City, why should a City Agency be allowed to rip off the City?
    But, David you know this! Maybe this is a good project for you to put an end to!!!


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