Brooklyn: Dov Hikind Reelected to NY State Assembly, Defeats Nachman Caller in Landslide




  1. Congratulations to Mr. Hikind. I just have to assume Mr. Caller’s supporters haven’t tried to rent an apartment in Boro park recently. I agree there isn’t a glut of apartments but there are some IF you can pay the price. This is the problem. B”h I made a few weddings .in our circles we help set up the couple’s first apartment the cost becomes part of the wedding expenses. But what happens 3-4 years later when the couple has to look for a bigger apartment. Can they afford a $2,500 – $3000 a month rent plus the first month a security deposit. And with my last wedding I found out you have to go through a broker which is an additional month rent. Where does a kollel man or even someone at new low paying job get that kind of money. This is why the young couples are moving out NOT because there are no apartments. They go to Lakewood where you can pay $1000 – 1250 for a 3 bedroom apartment and have a parking space too. A second thing which I found is there are people who advertise 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and you find that all they did was divide a room or call a walk in closet a bedroom or they advertise freshly painted only to find the wall are white washed. Is it a wonder young couples move away.

  2. “Maybe now we can get the school vouchers?”

    Need to repeal the Blaine Amendment.

    Then you need to convince the voters who already pay the highest property taxes in America that they need to pay even more to support multiple inefficient private schools.

    I’m all for them but we need to solve these problems.


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