Brooklyn: Man Convicted of Murder Set Free



A man who spent over two decades in jail for murder was set free on Tuesday by a judge who said his trial was deeply flawed. Rosean S. Hargrave was convicted in 1991 after being investigated by Detective Louis Scarcella, whom the Brooklyn district attorney’s office found once framed an innocent man.

‘Several convictions based off Scarcella’s work have since been thrown out. No new evidence against Hargrave has emerged in the years since he went to jail and, according to the judge, “potentially exculpatory evidence” had been destroyed. Read more at the New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. What does he mean “no new evidence has emeged”? How should it, if more than 20 years have past & they weren’t looking? This is crazy. They should just open up all the prisons across the country & let the criminals walk free because no “new” “evidence” has “emerged”! This is retarded!


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