Brooklyn Message: “G-d Don’t Like Jews”


flatbush-hate-crime1Brooklyn, NY – Police are investigating another act of hate in Brooklyn.¬†Authorities said someone wrote the words “God don’t like Jews” in red marker on the window of a car owned by a Jewish family.

The incident happened Monday night on Coleman Street and Avenue R in Marine Park.

“It’s very disturbing, especially in this neighborhood,” neighbor John Lonie told CBS 2‚Ä≤s John Slattery. “I’ve never seen anything like that. Usually you don’t see anything like that around here.”

Several elected officials denounced this latest act of hate vandalism.

There have been six anti-Semitic incidents this month in Brooklyn including the torching of three cars on Ocean Parkway in Midwood.

{WCBS 880 Radio/ Newscenter}


  1. well! they should put up ads all over the world that if “god don’t like Jews” they should leave us alone and god will do with us what ever he wants….

  2. Surrounded by more arabs than the middle east, living in 2 million dollar homes (internet free, of course), all thinking is done by the elders and the children are not safe. Sounds good to me. Why would anyone want to leave Brooklyn?

  3. #5….u sound like the beast you say you are. Anger perhaps? jealousy? what is i? There are middle class, poor and NOT SO RICH PEOPLE in Brooklyn, who struggle like the rest..have internet…and children ARE BH SAFE. You know why? Because they are safe in Hashem’s hands. Something you don’t understand, I guess. NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT HIS WILL AND YOU CAN LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD…if Hashem wants to send a message, he can. To you to. Don’t be such a wiseguy!
    Are there no other million dollar homes, outside of Brooklyn? Perhaps,South America, Israel, Canada, anywhere in the world?
    Oh,and by the way…My parents never thought for me..they taught me to use my own mind,mind you….if you have one!

  4. To # 4. Comment from Avi
    You sound simply stupid

    To # 5. Comment from The Beast
    & you sound like a correspondent for the “Schturmer”


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