Busiest International Airline to Fly Europeans to Eilat for €30, but Passes on Tel Aviv


RyanairBy Zack Pyzer

Budget airline Ryanair will be launching flights to Israel’s southern tourist city Eilat, starting in the coming winter.

The Irish carrier will operate flights from Ovda to Budapest, Krakow and Kaunas in Lithuania.

Tickets on the six weekly flights are touted to start at €30 each way, however flights will not land in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, which serves the vast majority of Israelis traveling abroad.

Ryanair’s David O’Brien said in the conference, “We will strengthen our presence in Israel as time goes by. Eilat is a very unique tourist destination like Morocco and the Canary Islands and we are certain that we will fill the planes.”

Israel’s ministry of Tourism is reportedly paying a €45 subsidy per tourist flying to Eilat, after tourism figures have not bounced back in the wake of last summer’s war with Hamas.

Numbers of Russian tourists in particular are down, with the country regularly being the source of the highest number of tourists to the Jewish state.

Ryanair had been considering flying to Ben Gurion, however they stated that due to the terms set by Israel’s airport authority, other routes were as present more profitable.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. This is nothing anti semi tic or whatever the article states about not flying to tel aviv.
    this airline is a cheap airline and only stops in smaller airports because their fees are far less than the major airports. They operate in all the smaller airports in Europe but not in the major airports


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