Caller Drops Out of City Council Race After Shmooze With Shelly Silver February 15, 2010  5:04 pm

callerDavid Seifman of the NY Post reports: A real estate executive mulling a run for an open City Council seat in Brooklyn dropped out suddenly after meeting with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is backing another candidate, The Post has learned.

Nachum Caller ended his candidacy last Wednesday after chatting with Silver, who is supporting former government official Joe Lazar in the March 23 special election to replace Councilman Simcha Felder.

The district covers Borough Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst.

Four candidates are expected to file petitions tomorrow in the contest including, David Greenfield, executive VP of the Sephardic Community Association, who has been endorsed by Mayor Bloomberg.

One source said Silver wanted Caller out of the race because he feared he would draw votes from Lazar.

But Silver said he met with Caller only as a favor to a rabbi who knows them both and, until last Tuesday, “I didn't know he was contemplating being a candidate.”

Silver said he grave Caller his frank assessment that “I don't know that you really have a chance of being successful” but didn't urge him to withdraw.

Silver also said that Caller had asked to be appointed to state task force.

Caller’s son, Shaya, said his father has “terminated” his candidacy but he didn’t know why.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}

4 Responses to Caller Drops Out of City Council Race After Shmooze With Shelly Silver

1 .Comment from voter

February 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm
Very upseting. There is no one normal to vote for.

2 .Comment from Serious One

February 15, 2010 at 8:38 pm
Let's not forget that this is the same Shelly Silver that brought Midas Sodom onto the assembly floor. He is the one that told Hamodia that supporting Chederim and Beis Yaakov's is unconstitutional. He manipulates New York State politics against our favor. And he is now using the same old-style politics making back-room deals together with his ally Dov Hikind to make sure we don't get an advocate to work for us and our schools. Time to go against the political machine. Let's vote for the one that will represent us and not his bosses. It should be us the people that vote our representative not those power-brokers.

3 .Comment from chaim

February 15, 2010 at 11:27 pm
the choice is clear david grrenfield that what is good for us here in boro park and allof new york state . please rabosai we wont forget how dov was fighting to introduce the murky bill and b’h it didt pass .this could have been a death sentence for all mosdos hatorah ,the mosdos could have been hit with fictitious claims . were was joe lasar then . please I dont see the millions that he brought in to the community . yes he had a job at omrdd, so what, he was a paid worker . yes I do see the millions that david got for all mosdos hatorah in new york city . THEY can take advantage of the no child left behind program, that help children with their skills. ALLSO HOW MUCH WORK DID DAVID DO ON THE ISSUE OF TAX CREDIT FOR TUTION . ALLSO ALL THESE PROGRAMS WILL BENFEIT ALL OF NEW YORK STATE NOT JUST THE LOCAL BORO PARK. RABOSAI PLEASE WAKE UP THE CHOICE IS CLEAR DAVIS GREENFIELD FOR COUNCIL

4 .Comment from maivin

February 16, 2010 at 9:14 am
David Greenfield for Dog Catcher !! The money that Joe Lazar generated for importnt Mosdos like Ohel, Mishkan, etc., were in check form and had to be deposited into bank accounts. Easily verified and confirmed by the Mosdos. Greenfield's alleged tuition tax credit ?? Did you get a check ? Did you deposit it into your account? Does anyone have a receipt? Be Honest with yourself. Most Boro Park & Flatbush families B"H have many children and, unfortunately, not enough income. Tax "credits" are meaningless. Greenfield did almost nothing for those tax credits that almost wholly are going to rich people on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Riverdale, etc. Lately, Greenfield stopped shaving and no longer wears a necktie so that we will be fooled into thinking that he is some kinda Heimishe guy. We should dismiss him just for thinking that we are all stupid. Joe Lazar is a known quantity. He went to our Heimishe yeshivas, his kids went to Heimishe yeshivas, and his grandchildren are in our Heimishe yeshivas. Joe Lazar was invited and spoke at Vishnitz, Belz, and Satmar Melava Malkas. We're going to get what we see. What you see with Greenfield is all bluff and Sheker. Midevar Sheker Tirchok !!!!


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