Camp Simcha Begins With a Hug and a Bang


camp simcha“My daughter looks forward to this day all year long,” a mom admitted as her daughter boarded the bus to Camp Simcha Special. “It’s where her friends and her heart are.”

The first of four Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special sessions began June 29, as more than 110 girls with chronic illnesses alighted from buses into the waiting arms of their counselors.

Veteran campers rejoiced in the arms of counselor after counselor, greeting all with big smiles.

First-year campers were awed by the traditional Simcha welcome, which included music, dancing, and raucous fun.

This year, campers are going around the world with Camp Simcha. In the first week, the girls “visited” China, Mexico, Hawaii, the US (on the Fourth of July, of course), and Israel. The days feature special foods, activities, and costumes.

The extraordinary Camp Simcha staff goes all out, redesigning the dining room before campers wake every morning so that breakfast is always a surprise.

Camp Simcha is expecting more than 450 campers this summer.

{Andy Newscenter}


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