Canadian-Israeli Woman Who Fought With Kurds In Syria Returns To Israel


kurds-iraqCanadian-Israeli woman Gill Rosenberg, who was the first woman to go into Syria and help the Kurds fight the Islamic State terror group, has returned to Israel.

Rosenberg, 31, was embedded in the region for eight months, during which time she was unreachable for a lengthy period. This had sparked rumors that she was kidnapped. Rosenberg eventually did release a message that she was unharmed.

On Monday, Rosenberg cited the spread of Iranian influence in the Middle East as part of the reason for her decision to return to Israel. She also explained her reasons for deciding to go to Syria.

“I think we as Jews, we say ‘never again’ for the Shoah, and I take it to mean not just for Jewish people, but for anyone, for any human being, especially a helpless woman or child in Syria or Iraq,” Rosenberg told Israel’s Army Radio.

“But in the past few weeks I think a lot of the dynamics have changed there, in terms of what’s going on in the war. The Iranian involvement is a lot more pronounced. Things changed enough that I felt that it was time to come home,” she said.

Upon her return to Israel, Rosenberg was questioned by Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, and she may face some legal problems due to her unauthorized entry to countries that are considered enemies of the Jewish state, Voice of America reported.





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