Candidate Obama Didn’t Initially Like ‘Yes, We Can!’ Slogan


obama2Yes we can? Barack Obama wasn’t sure at first. The President initially blanched when his now-famous campaign slogan was first introduced by political guru David Axelrod during the 2004 Illinois Senate race, a new book reports. “I don’t like it. Come on,” Obama was quoted as saying in “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage,” by author Christopher Andersen.Obama felt the catch phrase was “childish” and “corny,” and even asked his staff to find something else – until his wife, Michelle, convinced him otherwise, the book reports.

“It will work,” she said, swaying the future President. “Trust me.”

The “Yes We Can” decision wasn’t the only time the First Lady has had the last word on a crucial choice in her husband’s political career.

Andersen reports Michelle Obama shot down Hillary Clinton as a potential vice president, opting for Joe Biden. Michelle’s opposition was possibly the deciding voice in the debate, Andersen writes.

“Do you really want Bill and Hillary just down the hall from you in the White House?” she reportedly told her husband. “Could you live with that?”

Apparently not. Biden was introduced as Obama’s running mate in late August 2008.

Michelle was just as interested in another vice presidential candidate: ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She and Obama discussed the GOP running mate in a number of phone calls after her selection by John McCain.

The First Lady said she was “fascinated” by the moose-hunting politician.

An excerpt from “Barack and Michelle” appears today in the NY Daily News. Andersen has written 28 books, including best-sellers on the Clintons and Caroline Kennedy.

The 326-page book, published by William Morrow, also offers a variety of insights into the Obamas’ 16-year marriage.

{NY Daily News/Noam Newscenter}



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