Car Plows Into Crowd In New York, Killing One And Injuring Several, Police Say


New York police are looking for a driver who fled after striking several people, killing one and seriously injuring another, on Sunday morning.

The driver plowed his car into at least six people about 4:30 a.m. in the Richmond Hill neighborhood in Queens, according to the New York Police Department. Apart from the one person killed immediately and the one in critical condition at a hospital, the other four are in stable condition.

The crash occurred just as officers were responding to a fight outside a nearby hookah bar, police said.

Witnesses told CBS New York that a group of people were leaving the bar when they saw one man beating up another on the sidewalk. As several people were trying to stop the fight, a car came rushing down the sidewalk, plowed into the group and kept going.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Kristine Phillips



  1. Thank De Blasio for defending sanctuary cities, including New York. If one of the people murdered is a child or close relative of his, perhaps his brains will open up.

    • I agree. The problem with liberals is that even if these things happen to them, they never admit it. They just do what they are trained to do: blame those evil white Republicans!

  2. Definitely not terrision. Local Yokl haven a good time. This proves smoking and even hookah is bad for you. I hope the vaad issue a statement.


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