Oorah’s Snapshots Contest

Send us a selfie or cellphone photo of you, your family or your friends and it could be featured in the 2019 Oorah Auction...

Photo: Camp Yedidim’s Creative Color War Breakout

Camp Yedidim capitalized on a trip to Six Flags Great Adventures this week, using the amusement park to kick off the ultimate camp activity...

Break Your Fast!

-Communicated- As Tisha b’av comes to a close we all are left with a sense of hope towards a consolation, towards a time when the...

Watch: Who Are the Shabbos Flowers for?

With Chef Tzali's ready to Heat ‘n Serve Cheesy Ravioli and Gnocchi Dinners, you won’t be missing the Meat. WATCH:

Video: Rafi the King: Why you Should Enter Project Refuah’s Raffle!


Watch: Lipa Schmeltzer With The Shira Chair Singing Bocha! At A Wedding

Lipa Schmeltzer With The Shira Choir Singing Bocha! At A Wedding WATCH: {Matzav.com}

Watch: The Halacha Sergeant- Smoothies

Halacha Sources: "Halachically Speaking"- on smoothies R'Eidelitz from Kosherquest.org Special Thanks to... Binyamin Stoltz and Gadol Aaron Stern from Los Angeles for their amazing acting! Directed by: Akiva Balsam {Matzav.com}