Jewish Community

Jewish Community

Lakewood: Thousands of Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov Students May Lose Busing

Lakewood, NJ - Township streets are about to get a lot more crowded during school hours. Thousands of nonpublic and public schools students will...

Yungerman Hurt in Stabbing Attack in Yerushalayim

A Yerushalayim avreich, 25, was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack in northern Yerushalayim. A second Israeli, apparently a light rail security guard, was very...

“Knaidel” Spelling Bee Winner From Queens Honored At City Hall

Scripps National Spelling Bee winner Arvind Mahankali of Queens was honored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg today at City Hall. The 13-year-old from Bayside Hills...

Video: Kol Nidrei by R’ Shlomo Carlebach


Watch: Recently Released Rare Footage of Shlomo Carlebach Live in France in 1964

Borchi Nafshi: Mikdash Melech: Ki Besimcha: {}

Photos: Inspiration and Elevation at Brooklyn Kinus in Response to World Events

By Shimmy Blum It was after a long workday, at the height of the summer, but well over 1,000 men and women packed...