Watch: Smoking Chimpanzee Featured at North Korean Zoo

Meet Azalea, the Pyongyang Zoo's smoking chimpanzee. The newly opened zoo in North Korea features a 19-year-old chimpanzee that smokes a pack of cigarettes a...

Wallace: Struck By Blatant Anti-Trump Bias in Media News Coverage

'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace and Brit Hume analyze the media's coverage of Trump-Clinton presidential race. WATCH: {}

Watch: Mukasey On Clinton’s Shockingly Crooked ‘Explanation’ For Wikileaks Emails

Former U.S. attorney general Mike Mukasey reacts to 'pay to play' allegations. WATCH: {}

Watch: Benny Friedman Sings “Shine A Little Light” with IDF Soldiers

"Shine A Little Light" was composed by Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz a few years before he was diagnosed with a terrible form of ALS. "Rabbi...

Watch: Fried, Helfgott and Lipa at Binyanei Haumah, Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5777

אברהם פריד והחזן הלפגוט במופע הצדעה לאיחוד הצלה - 'וידבר משה  -  בנייני האומה י'ח תשרי תשע"ז

Watch: Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Denounces “WIKIPEDIA” For Leaked Hillary Emails

Someone should probably tell Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee that Wikipedia isn’t dropping the leaks of Hillary’s emails, says John Binder of American Lookout. During an...

Watch: Ohad Sings “Madua,” Composed by SY Rechnitz

Ohad Moskowitz is seen in the following video singing "Madua," composed by Mr. Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, at the Tower of David in Yerushalayim this Chol Hamoed...

Watch: Trump On Media Coverage: They Poison The Voters

The GOP nominee speaks out on 'Hannity' about WikiLeaks revelations and media bias. WATCH: {}