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Analysis: Obama Was As Clueless About 9/11 As He Is About ISIS

Monday March 2, 2015 2:40 AM

538370876By Paul Sperry

That President Obama won’t call it Islamic terrorism; that he believes we shouldn’t be on a “high horse” because America and Christians have done bad things; that Muslims are victims of “bigotry (more…)

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Esther’s Story

Sunday March 1, 2015 10:39 PM

rav-moshe-meir-weissBy Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss

The Gemora in Megillah teaches us that Esther requested, “Kavuni l’doros - Affix me for all generations,” please write my story for posterity.  This is a very strange request.  We know that a (more…)

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I’m So Bored With The Obama Administration

Sunday March 1, 2015 9:16 PM

obamaBy Ben Cohen

I probably shouldn’t admit this, given that my political views are fairly well-known, but one of my favorite songs is “I’m So Bored With the USA.” (more…)

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Kosher Conundrum: If Water Doesn’t Need Certification, Why Have The Symbol?

Sunday March 1, 2015 12:11 PM

clearly-kosherBy Maayan Jaffe

A new brand of bottled water recently hit grocery store shelves, and its tagline is reminiscent of the 1965 catchphrase for a hot dog company, “We answer to a higher authority.” Fifty years later, Clearly (more…)


Netanyahu’s Address To Congress Will Be Most Important Speech Of His Life

Sunday March 1, 2015 8:36 AM


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming address to a joint session of Congress will probably be the most important speech of his career - and one that has already jeopardized relations between (more…)


Eitzah u’Gevurah - Empowering Advice from a Torah Perspective

Saturday February 28, 2015 11:47 PM

yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Looking for Direction

Question: I am almost twenty three years old and I feel like I am not really getting anywhere. Life is passing me by in fast-forward and I am stuck in slow-motion. Or perhaps pause. I used to be in a good (more…)

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Of Course There’s a Crisis in US-Israeli Relations

Friday February 27, 2015 7:11 AM

obama-netanyahu1By Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel

We are, again, in the midst of that periodic occurrence: a crisis in Israel/US relations. This one revolves around White House pique over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an (more…)


Analysis: The Human Stain of Moral Preening

Friday February 27, 2015 6:17 AM

nicholas-d-kristofBy J. Auerbach

Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times is everyone’s favorite bleeding-heart columnist. His focus on human rights abuses, especially in Darfur, won him a Pulitzer Prize (his second) for “his graphic, (more…)

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It Takes a Village: The Music of a Community

Thursday February 26, 2015 10:44 PM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

In Mary Poppins, we are introduced to Dick van Dyke’s character, Bert, when he is performing as a “one-man band.”  It is fascinating, watching how he plays drums, percussion, accordion, brass… all together and (more…)

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Afilu Behatzlachah

Thursday February 26, 2015 6:19 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

I was recently sitting with some people and, as has happened so often in recent months, someone started singing the very popular niggun, Ve’afilu Behastarah. The moving words and tune never fail (more…)


Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l: A Model for All of Us, As Remembered by a Talmid

Wednesday February 25, 2015 3:12 AM

rav-moshe-feinsteinBy Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss

It is hard to believe that this Taanis Esther will already be the 29th yahrzeit of the Rosh Yeshiva, HaGaon, Rav Moshe Feinstein, Zt”l, Zy”a.  There was a time that, when you said ‘Reb (more…)


Feds Lied for 30 Years About Jonathan Pollard

Monday February 23, 2015 6:22 PM

pollardBy Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman  - Worldnetdaily

A recent breakthrough in the case of Jonathan Pollard has shed powerful new light on the injustice of his continued incarceration. Key portions of a critical classified document, on which the government (more…)


“Assurances” From Obama Won’t Protect Israel

Monday February 23, 2015 2:11 AM

obama4By Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

Israel should accept a “nuclear guarantee” from the Obama administration and stop worrying about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, says longtime State Department peace processor Martin Indyk. (more…)


Daf Inspired - Culling Gems of Inspiration from the Daf

Sunday February 22, 2015 11:27 PM

yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Kesubos 21 - L’kulah or L’chumrah?

In one way it’s a chumra but in another way it’ll come out a kulah. The Gemara explains that Rebbi  unequivocally holds that when the two witnesses signed on the shtar come to confirm that they in fact (more…)

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Eitzah u’Gevurah - Empowering Advice from a Torah Perspective

Sunday February 22, 2015 12:28 AM

yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

A Seven Year Old Ganav?

Question: The other day I caught my son shoplifting. He is a 7 year old boy who is generally well behaved. It was a pretty routine trip to the local Makolet. When we got home, though, I noticed him (more…)

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Responsible Journalism - Part Two: The Truth About Vaccinating

Friday February 20, 2015 8:33 AM

rav-moshe-meir-weissBy Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss

Last week, I had a verbal ‘tantrum’ about one of the major Torah publications giving irresponsible exposure to an uneducated opinion that can have grave consequences to its thousands of readers.   (more…)


To Hold a Mirror Up to the Divine: Tzedakah and Gemilus Chasadim

Thursday February 19, 2015 11:38 PM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

Are all mitzvos “created” equal?

On the one hand, it would be wrong to suggest a hierarchy of mitzvos; that one is more important than another.  Every mitzvah is to be embraced.  But on the other hand, it is also true that each mitzvah asks (more…)

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We Can Help

Thursday February 19, 2015 6:30 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

The Gemara in Maseches Megillah (4b) discusses the possibility of observing Purim and reading the (more…)

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The Writers at Haaretz Hate Israel and Themselves

Thursday February 19, 2015 2:22 AM

haaretzBy Elder of Ziyon

A poll in 2013 showed that Israelis were the 11th happiest people in the world.

Another survey in 2014 showed that among the 10 countries with advanced economies polled, Israel (more…)


Accounting for their Wishes

Tuesday February 17, 2015 10:28 PM

naphtali-hoffBy Rabbi Naphtali Hoff

The process of collecting materials for the Mishkan and its subsequent construction offer important lessons in the area of project and people management. (more…)

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Is There A Remedy For Machlokes?

Tuesday February 17, 2015 2:17 PM

pashkevilBy Rav Aryeh Z. Ginzberg

Chofetz Chaim Torah Center

An old friend whom I had not seen in close to three decades made a comment to me when we met at the Kotel on leil Shabbos. He said that despite his having been away from Eretz Yisrael for more than (more…)


Rav Brudny: There is Only One Way to Inspire Our Brothers

Tuesday February 17, 2015 6:41 AM

rav-elya-brudnyOn Motzoei Shabbos, at the keynote session of the Sixth Annual Project Inspire Convention, Rav Elya Brudny Shlita, Rosh Hayeshiva of Yeshivas Mir, Brooklyn, addressed a packed crowd of over 1200, inspiring them with (more…)


Phony J Street Poll on Iran Exposed

Tuesday February 17, 2015 1:04 AM

jstreetBy Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

Viewers of CNN this week were informed by anchor Erin Burnett of what she called “a historically (more…)


Defiant Mother Who Hosted Bas-Mitzvah as Terror Struck Copenhagen Shul: ‘No One Can Tell Me Where I Can Live My Jewish Life’

Monday February 16, 2015 6:36 AM

great-synagogue-in-central-copenhagen-denmarkBy Dovid Efune

Mette Bentow, the mother whose daughter’s bas-mitzva was cut short by the terror attack at the Copenhagen shul, sounded a defiant tone in an interview with The Algemeiner on (more…)


Analysis: I Don’t Trust the AP’s Report on Civilian Deaths in Gaza and Neither Should You

Monday February 16, 2015 5:48 AM

ap-associated-pressBelow is a devastating critique of the AP’s recent “report” on civilian deaths during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer, posted by investigative journalist Richard Behar on Facebook. It (more…)


Why Vaccinating is Non-Negotiable

Friday February 13, 2015 8:34 AM

vaccineElliot Rubin, MD, FAAP

President, New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

The advent of vaccines was the single most important public health advancement in the 20th century, (more…)


Opinion: Why Bibi Should Give His Speech

Thursday February 12, 2015 1:19 PM

netanyahuBy David Suissa

Like many other American Jews, I’ve had serious reservations about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s decision to speak to Congress on March 3, against the wishes of President Barack (more…)

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A People of Truth

Thursday February 12, 2015 6:43 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

In the alma deshikra in which we live, truth is a rare commodity. Fiction, deviation, misinformation and half-truths are pervasive in our world. The only way to have a connection to the truth is by (more…)


To Walk Behind God: When We Give, Our Greatest Gift is Dignity

Thursday February 12, 2015 2:21 AM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

The print advertisements for Patek Phillippe, a luxury watch brand, often show a father with his son along with the tag line, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation.” The (more…)

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Biden Snub Amplifies Obama Administration’s Tension With Israel

Wednesday February 11, 2015 1:12 PM

biden1By Jacob Kamaras

The latest episode in a history of tension between the Obama administration and Israel has escalated to a new level, with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden opting out of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi (more…)