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Israel Has Endured France’s Pain For Seventy Years

Thursday January 15, 2015 2:44 AM

toulouse-franceBy Giulio Meotti

There have been many hypocrisies these past few days: the US newspapers which didn’t republish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, the French intellectuals (more…)


Don’t Be Fooled: Paris Terror Rally Offers Cover to Terrorist Allies

Wednesday January 14, 2015 2:10 AM

france-marchBy Paul Miller

Pardon moi if I don’t join the Kumbaya choir that captivated the traditional media on Sunday morning. While I unequivocally stand with the nearly 3 million Frenchmen who rallied in celebration of free speech and (more…)

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Daf Inspired - Culling Gems of Inspiration from the Daf

Tuesday January 13, 2015 1:04 AM

rabbi-yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Yevamos 101 - Don’t Bring Quarreling Into Your Home

In the context of chalitza, the pasuk says that the Dayanim will speak to the yavam. From these (more…)

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Yoav Hattab, 21, Murdered in the Attack in Paris

Monday January 12, 2015 8:14 PM

yoav-hattab1By Kivi Attar

Everyone is mourning the horrific tragedies that occurred over the past week in France. (more…)


Today Paris, Tomorrow the World: Extreme Political Correctness is Lethal

Monday January 12, 2015 3:10 AM

hikind1Op-Ed by Assemblyman Dov Hikind

Despite the obvious nature of last week’s terror attacks in Paris, it took quite some time before the (more…)

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Daf Inspired - Culling Gems of Inspiration from the Daf

Monday January 12, 2015 1:15 AM

rabbi-yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Yevamos 100 - Who Am I, What Am I, Why Am I?

It isn’t easy.  He doesn’t know who his father is, and his whole life is governed by halachos of safeik.   (more…)

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Righteous Leadership

Sunday January 11, 2015 11:39 PM

naphtali-hoffBy Rabbi Naphtali Hoff

We are well aware that Pharaoh had no desire to let the Jews walk free from Egypt, despite numerous pleas from their leadership. He even went so far as to challenge Hashem’s supreme power (more…)

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Bipartisan Momentum Grows For Halt To U.S. Funding Of Palestinian Authority

Sunday January 11, 2015 7:20 PM

SG Meeting

By Alina Dain Sharon

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Mark Kirk (more…)

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Metzitzah Bombshell: Landmark Program Uncovers False-Positive In Neonatal Herpes Case

Sunday January 11, 2015 8:12 AM

bris-milahBy Debbie Maimon

Why would a mistaken diagnosis in a case of reported neonatal herpes make headlines anywhere - especially if no adverse health consequences resulted from the error? Yet a false positive diagnosis of (more…)

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Bumbling Barack: Obama Should Have Called Paris Market Attack What It Is: Anti-Semitism

Sunday January 11, 2015 7:19 AM

obama1By Jonathan S. Tobin

This past week’s bloody events in France have shocked the civilized world. But shock and sadness are not a sufficient response from those entrusted with the responsibility to defend us against Islamist (more…)


Barack Blows It Again: Why Isn’t President Obama Going to Paris?

Sunday January 11, 2015 4:02 AM

obamaBy Stuart Anderson

Today, Sunday, January 11, leaders of important American allies are gathering in Paris to attend a public unity rally in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France. French President Francois Hollande (more…)


Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah: To Be a Mensch

Thursday January 8, 2015 11:37 PM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

When I was growing up, a friend whose parents were not home when school let out often came to my home (more…)

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Free at Last

Thursday January 8, 2015 6:21 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

The Ramban in his introduction to Sefer Shemos writes that this week’s parsha opens by retelling the (more…)

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How the Palestinian Authority Could Stop Obama’s Penchant for Internationalism

Thursday January 8, 2015 5:34 AM

john-boltonBy John Bolton

The Palestinian Authority is aggressively seeking to have itself declared a “state” by joining treaties and international organizations, thereby pressuring Israel and the United States to accept outcomes (more…)


If Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words, How About Maps?

Wednesday January 7, 2015 9:02 AM

palestinian-fatah-partyBy Stephen M. Flatow

A major book publisher, deluged with criticism for leaving Israel off a map in its Middle East Atlas, (more…)

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Reform Leader Yoffie’s Attack On Israeli Cabinet Minister Crosses The Line

Wednesday January 7, 2015 2:26 AM

eric-yoffieBy Moshe Phillips

Israeli election campaigns are notorious for extreme accusations and nasty name-calling. But must such distasteful behavior spill over into the American Jewish community? (more…)

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Daf Inspired - Culling Gems of Inspiration from the Daf

Tuesday January 6, 2015 9:42 PM

rabbi-yehoshua-bermanBy Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Yevamos 96 - Full Circle

Why is it, asks the Gemara, that our Mishna says yibum can be done with his second wife? This man (more…)

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Illinois Senator Demands Obama Administration Stop Funding Palestinian Authority

Tuesday January 6, 2015 7:38 PM

us-sen-mark-kirkBy P. Miller

In response to the Palestinian Authority decision to forgo the peace process and join the International Criminal Court (ICC) in an effort to prosecute Israeli leaders, soldiers, and (more…)

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Yanky Ostreicher Supports Pardon Petition of Mark Wahlberg

Tuesday January 6, 2015 6:26 AM

yanky-ostreicherThis letter first appeared in the NY Observer:

Dear Governor Deval Patrick:

I respectfully write to you today in support of Mr. Mark Wahlberg’s petition for pardon for a crime to (more…)


WSJ: If the PA Uses the ICC Against Israel, Cut Off the $400 Million in U.S. Aid -

Monday January 5, 2015 6:30 PM

congress-A Wall Street Journal Editorial:

A conceit of Obama Administration diplomacy is that international institutions invariably serve U.S. (more…)

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Yes, Rabbi Yanklowitz: Orthodox Judaism Requires Us to Pray for a Third Temple

Monday January 5, 2015 8:30 AM

avrohom-gordimerBy Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

It felt so good to write about different, constructive topics for a while: Chanukah, hashkafah, and a planned article on the Torah’s view of police conduct. It was refreshing. This, plus some new divrei (more…)


Anti-Israel Forces Losing Ground

Sunday January 4, 2015 10:22 PM

un-security-councilBy Moshe Phillips

Critics of Israel periodically issue doomsday warnings about how the Jewish state will face international isolation if it does not quickly give in to Palestinian demands. Last week’s United (more…)

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Challenging the Status Quo, With Love

Saturday January 3, 2015 11:22 PM

naphtali-hoffBy Rabbi Naphtali Hoff

Their morale had never been lower. Their need for vision and unwavering support was never (more…)

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New Year’s Resolutions

Friday January 2, 2015 10:14 AM

rav-moshe-meir-weissBy Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss

The Gemora teaches us, “Im ein daas, havdala minayin - Without knowledge, how does one (more…)

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Unique Blessing: Each Student, Each Person

Friday January 2, 2015 1:36 AM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all its grace is as the flower of the field; The grass withers, the flower fades; when the breath of the Lord blows upon it; surely the people is like grass. The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God shall endure forever. (Isaiah 40:6-11)

Isaiah’s words, so comforting when spoken during funeral services, likens people to the grass and flowers of (more…)

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Strong and Uplifted

Thursday January 1, 2015 5:37 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

This week’s parsha of Vayechi tells of the passing of Yaakov Avinu. The posuk states, “Vayikrivu yemei Yisroel lomus vayikra levno leYosef” (Bereishis 47:29). As Yaakov’s final moments of life (more…)

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A Better Response to Arab Terror

Saturday December 27, 2014 11:21 PM

jihadBy Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

As a little girl fights for her life in an Israeli hospital emergency room, with more than 50% of her (more…)

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Things Never Said

Friday December 26, 2014 6:04 AM

safranBy Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

A young boy runs his fingers over the leather spine of the story book he receives as a Hanukkah gift. He loves the feel of the beautiful (more…)

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We Really Care

Thursday December 25, 2014 6:11 AM

rabbi-pinchos-lipschutz-By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

Vayigash is one of the most dramatic parshiyos in the Torah. Finally, after suffering much abuse at (more…)

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Is Cuba Rapprochement A Bellwether For Obama’s Forthcoming Mideast Policy?

Wednesday December 24, 2014 11:42 PM

allan-gross1By Maayan Jaffe

Jewish-American aid worker Alan Gross arrived home to celebrate Hanukkah after five years in a (more…)

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