Century-Old Letter Appears In Lincoln Mail Carrier’s Stack


A Lincoln mail carrier faced an impossible task earlier this month when he found a letter sent more than 100 years ago in his pile.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports the letter with a 2-cent stamp showed up in the pile of mail Larry Schultz was sorting for his route in the area June 14. Its recipient, Grace Wheeler, died in 1947, and her family home was torn down in 1965 to make way for the Nebraska Capitol’s south parking lot.

The three-page letter from Wheeler’s daughter, Margaret Casady, was mailed from Des Moines, Iowa, on June 1, 1914. It’s unknown how it appeared in Schultz’s stack and has been sent to other family members. Read more here.



  1. Holy. It is news prior to the Great War and found business never. Might daven. The mail can alter a life and if Hashem somehow has a letter we send never meet its destination we can wonder for years why no response.

  2. This is a learning lesson. Amol, a person mails out an invitation to their child’s wedding and the recipient doesn’t get it because it got lost in the mail system. The guest then gets all insulted that they weren’t invited. The host gets all insulted that the guest never had the decency to respond or show up. And it was all for naught. Mir darf dan licaf schus.


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