CFIA Reverses Decision To Remove West Bank Wines Labelled ‘Product of Israel’


The CFIA, which caused controversy earlier this week by banning the sale of wine from the Psagot and Shiloh wineries, has reversed its decision.

The agency initially asked the Liquor Control Board of Ontario — which in turn asked liquor vendors — to stop selling and importing wines from the Psagot and Shiloh wineries labelled “Product of Israel.”

The CFIA drew condemnation from Jewish groups in Canada, as well as the Israeli embassy in Ottawa. When changing their ruling, the CFIA explained that it had not considered the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement when initially creating drafting their rule.

The CFIA says it regretted the outcome of the wine labelling assessment, and confirmed the products in question can be sold as currently labelled. Read more here.



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