Chabad Wins 10-Year Legal Battle


A 10-year legal fight between the Borough of Litchfield’s Historic District Commission and Chabad Lubavitch of Litchfield County has ended in Chabad’s favor in U.S. District Court in New Haven.

Rabbi Yossi and Mina Eisenbach of Chabad of Litchfield in Connecticut won the right to to convert a 2,656-square-foot Victorian at 85 West St. into a shul and community center for the Jewish residents of the town.

The city’s Historic District Commission denied building’s approval 2007 on the grounds that it would overwhelm the streetscape and detract from the district’s character.

The denial was now found to be in violation of the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act by the judge, who ordered the Commission to approve Chabad’s plan.

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  1. B”H. It took 10 years but it was well worth it. We frequent the Litchfield area in the summers. It’s a quiet & beautiful place without the big crowds. If they can somehow get a Minyan going there, that would really be great.

  2. For the sake of accuracy, the original article says that the commission ordered Chabad to submit a modified plan (without a second story apartment) and the commission should approve the modified plan. It seems from the article that both Chabad and the commission intend to agree with the decision.


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