Chareidi Soldiers Will Guard Chareidi Towns for First Time


idf2The Nachal Chareidi battalion has been newly stationed in the Binyamin territorial zone, where many of the Chareidi families of the soldiers in the battalion reside. This ends a 5-year period during which the battalion served in the Menasheh territorial zone situated around Jenin and Tulkarm. Over that period, the battalion was granted numerous awards.

Rabbi David Fuchs of the Nachal Chareidi Foundation remarked, “The preparations for the soldiers and the adaptation of the bases to the special Chareidi service conditions was completed to satisfaction of all, so that the move will not compromise the unique service conditions of these Chareidi soldiers in their new zone.”

The Chareidi soldiers will now serve north of Yerushalayim in the Ramallah region and will guard the northern neighborhoods of the city, many of which are Chareidi, such as Ramat Shlomo and Neve Ya’akov, and also the scattered towns around like Bet El, Kuchav Ya’akov, Ofra, Geva Binyamin and more. As part of its regular routine, the battalion, part of the “Kfir” brigade, guarded settlements and apprehended terrorists, which it will continue to pursue.

As part of the move of the Chareidi battalion to its new zone, the IDF has made a series of special preparations in the different bases where the soldiers will be posted, such as two bases in Bet El, Psagot and Ofra. The bases’ shuls have been expanded and renovated, and changes were made in the kitchens to meet the kashrus demands of the Chareidi soldiers.

The Chareidi brigade, considered one of the most respected battalions in the Israeli army, recently celebrated 15 years since its founding.

Until 2008, the Chareidi battalion served in the Jordan Valley. By the end of that year, the battalion moved to the “Menasheh” zone, in the environs of Jenin and Tulkarm. During that period, it was given a series of impressive awards, including the Israeli President’s Award for Excellence to the year of 2014, the Chief of General Staff’s Award for the excelling unit, the Head of Technological and Logistics Directorate’s Award for exceptional logistical preparation of the battalion, General Officer Commanding Army Headquarters’ Award in 2013, and the Judea and Samaria Division’s Excellence Award in 2012.

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