Chareidim Excel In Matriculation Tests


Most chareidim in Israel do not take matriculation tests. Bais Yaakov high schools give students matriculation-equivalent certificates as a substitute for the national exam, with only 22% of chareidi 12th graders getting matriculation in 2009. But those chareidim who do take matriculation tests were found to excel and outdo the general student body in civics, English and mathematics, Israel Hayom reported.

In civics, chareidi students in Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim came first with an average of 81%. Tel Aviv district came in second with 77% and the center region third with 76%.

Chareidi students also came on top for English with an average of 81%, 85% and 88% respectively for those who pursued three units, four units or five units of English. In contrast, regional districts ranged from 69% to 76%, 76% to 81% and 85% to 88%.

Chareidim also got the highest scores for three and four units of math but came average in literature and history.


{ Israel News Bureau}



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