Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Luz Quits


luzier hebdoRenald Luzier, the cartoonist who drew the image of the Prophet Muhammad on Charlie Hebdo’s front cover following an attack on its offices that left 12 people dead, said Monday he is leaving the publication.

Luzier, known as Luz, said the loss of his colleagues had become “too much to bear.” Luz, who has worked at the publication since 1992, told the French newspaper Libération,

“Each issue is torture because the others are gone. Spending sleepless nights summoning the dead, wondering what Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous would have done is exhausting,” he said, referring to his colleagues who were gunned down by Islamist extremists on Jan. 7. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}



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