Charlie Hebdo to Print 1 Million Muhammad Cartoons


charlie-hebdo4Charlie Hebdo will publish cartoons of Muhammad in its upcoming issue, the front cover of which will be published tonight.

Richard Malka, the lawyer for Charlie Hebdo, said “obviously” Muhammad cartoons would be included in the next issue, which will be printed in a million-copy run.

“The state of mind of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ (I’m Charlie)” means supporting the “right to blasphemy,” he said. The full issues are set to be published Wednesday.

Read more at AFP.

{ Newscenter}


  1. This is such outright stupidity on behalf of this publication.I understand that in a democracy freedom of speech is a fundamental component of such a society,but does that mean that the muslim population must be provoked further?…Can this magazine not find other sources of satirical entertainment for their readers besides going on and on ridiculing their prophet?….This reminds me of the guy who picked a fight with someone a little bigger than him,got well and truly bashed up,is laying in his hospital bed all bandaged up,both legs suspended etc,and proclaims “but I was right !”…..


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