NY to Uman Flight of 500 Passengers Canceled After Kiev Revokes Landing Permit

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  1. While I’m sorry for all those distressed by this, the first thought that comes to mind with a cancelled flight is “gam zu letova”. Also, machshova k’maisa.

  2. Regardless of what you think about going to Uman for Yom Tov, what happened was an outrage. How can you play with hundreds of peoples lives and schedules? Whats even a greater chutzpa is that they didn’t offer any alternative flight. It might be too late for some of them to make different Yom Tov plans, now, at this late hour. I hope these peole can file a class action and get some sort of compensation.

  3. when something stands in the way of a persons ratzon, how do you know if its a message to back off or a challenge to persevere over? “mikshoh zahav tahor”
    machshavah tova hkb”h metzaref lemasseh

  4. I agree it is a big chutzpah that they waited till the last minute to cancel now hundreds are without flight and cannot possibly find any other flight to unanimal an hour before the flight scheduled
    Defenetly thier should be some law suite action

  5. Maybe it is a message from Hashem to stay home with your families on these Holy Days instead of leaving your wives and children to go to a foreign country. Holy Holidays are to be with families and friends not go to some foreign country to dance and pray and drink, Hashem is every where not just in Uman, and I am sure where ever you are he gets the message.


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