Chasdei Hashem: Lakewood Children Pinned Under Car In Accident Return Home from Hospital


hatzolahLakewood, NJ – Two Lakewood children, who were seriously injured after being pinned under a car that struck them at the corner of Route 9 and Cushman Street last Sunday afternoon, have returned home, bechasdei Hashem.

The quicker-than-expected release of the chdilren comes a week after a 20-year-old driver hit them at about 1:30 p.m. as the car was turning right onto Route 9 from Cushman.

The two-year-old boy, Bentzion Pashkus, was in a stroller, and the seven-year-old girl, Suri Pashkus, was standing.

An unidentified witness tried to jack the 2012 Honda Accord to help the children pinned under the car. This made it easier for Hatzolah responders to rescue the children when.

The two children were taken in critical condition to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune. Their 37-year-old mother was unharmed.

After the collision, an unidentified man wearing a blue baseball cap immediately grabbed a car jack and began levering the car off the children pinned underneath. A trained EMT, Aron Weichbrod, who just moved to Lakewood from Florida, was also at the scene and helped the man maneuver the car off the children, all the while holding onto one child’s head and keeping it stable. When the car was removed, the children were able to breathe again.

Mayor Isaac Akerman and Committeeman Menashe Miller both visited Mr. Weichbrod at his home to thank him for his great deed. A ceremony will be held at the next Township Committee meeting on February 7.

The tzibbur was mispallel for Yitzchok Bentzion ben Roza Bluma and Sarah Bracha bas Roza Bluma, and the family says that it is clearly thanks to the many tefillos that the children have returned home just six days later.

{Noam Newscenter}



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