Chasunah Guidelines Become More Mainstream in Chassidishe Kehillos


wedding-ringIn light of the economic downturn, more chassanim are buying cubic zirconia stones in place of diamonds for engagement rings. In Eretz Yisroel, the Gerer Rebbe has dispatched emissaries to all Gerer kehillos throughout the country to encourage adherence to chasunah guidelines that limit the size and expenditures of wedding celebrations. The Rebbe encourages weddings to be held in local Gerer shuls instead of expensive catering halls. In addition, he encourages weddings to take place on Friday afternoon with the wedding seudah on Friday night.

Savings would be considerable since the number of guests for the meal would be limited to only those that live in the immediate area. In addition, musical accompaniment as well as photography would be restricted. The Gerer community in Ashdod has been designated as the first to impose the new guidelines.

The Belzer Rebbe has recommended guidelines for his followers in Eretz Yisroel as follows: After the immediate family rejoicing of an engagement, no further formal celebration is permitted. Chosson and kallah will give and receive no more than a specific limited number of gifts.

Mechutanim (in-laws) shall not give each other gifts, mishloach manos, etc. A shadchan will receive no more than $1,000. Invitations to an aufruf will be extended only for parents, grandparents, mechutanim, married siblings of the chosson, and unmarried siblings of the kallah.

Invitations for the Shabbos Sheva Brachos may be extended to the married siblings of the chosson and kallah, but no uncles, aunts or cousins are to be invited. No formal printed invitations are to be sent beyond immediate family. {Dovid Newscenter/UPI}


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