Child Terrorists in Yerushalayim: ‘We’re Ready to Die’


palestinian-kids-trainingSalah, Hassan, Riyad and Ahmed of Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood – just a handful of the many Arab children aged eight to 13 who, instead of going to school and learning, mask their faces and assault police officers with potentially lethal rocks every single day.

Yediot Acharonot interviewed Jerusalem’s youngest Arab terrorists last week, providing a unique look into the minds of those who have forgone their studies and futures for the pursuit of violence. Even more Arab children join them in their attacks after the school bell rings.

“We are ready to die as martyrs, we have nothing to lose,” says one Arab child terrorist. “Our heads aren’t in studies at all, we are always planning what to do against the police.”

The children mass in their hundreds at the entrance to Shuafat to shoot fireworks at police. In response to the escalation in firework attacks, which can inflict serious wounds, the IDF has given new orders allowing soldiers to respond with live fire, although the firework attacks appear to continue unabated amid the legal backlash officers frequently suffer for defending themselves.

“Today I didn’t go to school because I want to continue our struggle as a response to the murder of the martyr Ibrahim al-Akari,” one 13-year-old said, referring to the Hamas terrorist from Shuafat who murdered two Israelis with his van earlier this month.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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