Chilling Audio: Recording Of Murdered Israeli Teen’s Emergency Call Released By Police


eyal-naftali-gilad[Audio below.] A recording of a phone call to police by one of the murdered Israeli teens was officially released on Tuesday.

“They’ve kidnapped me,” a whispering voice said at the beginning of the call, made at 10:25 p.m. The voice was identified as Gilad Shaar’s by his father.

Next, a voice is heard shouting “heads down, heads down,” in Arabic-accented Hebrew.

Meanwhile the police operator attempts to speak to the caller, asking “hello, hello” several times, but gets no response.

A few seconds later, several loud noises are heard, which are believed to have been gunshots. According to Israeli Army Radio, the three teens were shot during the phone call, with blood and bullet casings found in the vehicle.

The police officers who received the call have come under heavy criticism for not taking the call seriously, believing it was a prank. But the call’s original operator did transfer the call to a senior officer, who called the number eight more times, but either received a busy signal or voicemail.

Nevertheless, four senior police officers were dismissed for their handling of the call.


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  1. What is gained by publicizing this tape? People enjoy hearing a scared child calling for help moments before he is killed? This is a sick voyeuristic act.

  2. Oy, “Al eileh ani bochiah, eini eini yardah mayim ki rachak mimeni menachem meishiv nafshi hayu banei shomemim, ki gavar oiyeiv.”


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