China Begins Bathroom Revolution



Soon locals and tourists in China will have a lot more privacy when it comes to using public restrooms.

The country has announced a three-year plan to update the rows of pits that currently comprise many restrooms at tourist sites into more modern toilet bowls. They’re even going to throw in some wall dividers, too.

Lin Jinzao, the head of China’s National Tourist Administration revealed that some 33,500 new toilets will be built in the near future with 25,000 earmarked for renovation. Read more at The Telegraph.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Thank you Matzav, and I propose you create a new section with articles we can read inside the restroom, lest we should waste our time while there. Along with all the useful information about “Asian toilets”, very precious for travelers to the East, politics will no doubt be a highlight.

  2. Proper personal hygiene has always been a Torah concept. BTW, the Japanese had to be forced to provide western-style flush toilets for the previous Olympics gathering. Their hole-in-the-ground style was left beyond by us years ago.


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